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What if?

You could spend less time manually adding tracking?

You could record all your tracking numbers with ease?

You could track pre-paid parcel numbers without having to copy them?

You could spend more time relaxing and less time working?

You could do all of that with a phone, tablet or laptop?

You can, with scan and post.

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How can we help?

  1. Save time

    Time is money, and when you run an online store time is a luxury you do not have. Save yourself countless hours every month and speed up the process of adding tracking to your orders
  2. Reduce errors

    When you have to manually enter tracking details to keep your customers informed of their process of their order, you run the risk of making a mistake and providing the wrong tracking number to the wrong customer. While online ordering can help solve these mistakes, prepaid packaging doesn’t allow you the same luxury. This lessens the chances of an error occuring.
  3. Improve customer relations

    When you’re short on time you may not have the time to add tracking details to the orders, which means that your customers don’t know where their order is, and you have no proof of lodgment if something goes wrong. Because this is fast and easy and provides the customers with instant tracking notifications, you can rest assured that your customers will know exactly where their order is

Save time and money while lowering the chances of errors. No more manually copying order details, no more manually changing orders to complete. Simply import the orders, select the order to scan, scan the barcode, tap update and instantly move on to the next order. When you update an order the tracking number will be added to the customer order notes which will then trigger an email event to send the tracking details to the customer.

Keep your customers informed with their order details

How much time can you save on adding tracking details?

  • Free plan – Up to 10 minutes a month
  • Starter plan – Up to 50 minutes a month
  • Business plan – Up to 4 hours a month
  • Pro plan – Up to 12 hours a month
  • Enterprise plan – Up to 24 hours a month

Create a bulk CSV file for My Post Business

Eliminate errors and save hours of time with the bulk CSV file generator.

  • Select the number of orders to import
  • Select the order status
  • Automatic shipping rate mapping
  • Parcels, boxes and satchels
  • Simple click to remove order
  • Simple click or text field to edit individual orders
  • Extremely fast CSV file generation
  • Use the same tokens balance to export and scan

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