Who is Scan Ship?

Scan Ship is a service provider for SMB’s to allow them to scan and track shipments to customers

What does Scan Ship do?

Scan Ship allows businesses to scan the tracking number of their parcels to upload the details to their website and inform their customers of the tracking details.

How did Scan Ship get my details?

Your details were provided to us by the store you made the purchase from. This is normal practice and forms part of every online store privacy policy and terms and conditions

Do you store my details?

If you are a business we store all relevant information to allow you to remain a client and process orders.
The details of individual store customers are not stored and are immediately destroyed. Only the order number, carrier, tracking number and date of scan are stored for record keeping

I have a store, how do I sign up?

At the moment you must use WooCommerce as your ecommerce solution. You can visit our homepage for details on pricing and volume

How do I opt-out of emails?

You’ll need to contact the store you purchased from, but opting out of transactional emails may mean that you will be unable to receive any updates on your orders